Saturday, March 7, 2009

Message from Mr. Weckel

Congratulations to everyone for a job well done! It's not necessarily the outcome that matters, but the learning that takes place, and the knowledge received by doing.

Our Final Competition for 2009

This message was e-mailed to the faculty and staff of American Fork Junior High.

We can all be proud of our American Fork Junior High Mock Trial Team.

On March 6, we didn't quite win our competition at the Orem Courthouse against Dixon Middle School, though the initial point totals were so close that the judges had to spend extra time deliberating before they could declare a winner. Both teams did a great job.

I have been amazed at what a positive attitude this group has shown about learning from and enjoying the experience whether they won or lost.

It's not easy to be up there, as attorney, bailliff, or witness. The students have to memorize a great deal of material, prepare statements and questions and answers, learn procedure, be able to think on their feet, respond when the opposition comes up with questions and strategies our team wasn't prepared for, and, very importantly, work as a team. It's a lot to ask of a junior high student.

Mock Trial gets kids to think, to reason, to put forth an argument with civility. And it provides them positive experiences with our justice system.

Our case this year was a criminal case -- murder and other charges against a high school student accused of planting a bomb at his high school to get revenge against a gang that had bullied him. We received the case in January, played the prosecution at the end of February, and played Defense on Friday, March 6. Each time our team portrayed four attorneys, three witnesses, and a bailliff.

For the Prosecution our team roster included attorneys Boa, Jessica, Jack, and Kaden, and witnesses Alycen, Breanne, and Kaylynn. Jenseny was our bailliff.*

When we played Defense our team changed to attorneys Alycen, Kaylynn, Jessica, and Jack, witnesses Boa, Jenseny, and Kadan, and bailliff Breanne. Daniel went along as an alternate. *

Encourage students you think might do well at this to join our team next year.

Thanks for your support!


* Last names were included in the message to the school faculty. I have omitted them from this internet post.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Presenting Evidence

Presenting Evidence

See Dianna Pugh Mock Trial at video at about 16:35.

Witness Statements to call into question witness testimony

Is your testimony that. . . .
Your Honor, let the record reflect that I am holding in my hand a copy of this witness's statement. Let the record also reflect I am showing a copy to the opposing counsel.
Your Honor, May I approach the witness.

You did give a statement in this matter?
Would this be that statement?
You were telling the truth when you gave this statement?
Could you please point in the statement to where you said that. . . ?
It's not there, is it?