Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday After School February 13

Make sure you come!   Ms. Bazzelle will be there to help us hone our case!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mock Trial Meetings

We have only two weeks to prepare our case.

We need to meet Tuesday through Friday after school, as much as you can possibly come, officially Wednesday and Friday during CaveTime, and on Tuesday and Thursday, again during Cavetime Ms. Dorsey will provide a place for you to meet, but will be working with intervention students.
Keep your grades up so you can be there!

Tuesday, February 5,  after school, we need to decide on our story of the alleged incident, and what we need to get out of each witness.

All opening and closing statements and witness questions must be written by this Friday, February 8. 

Witnesses, you should have your statements memorized (know them inside-out) by Friday, February 8.  Remember, you will NOT recite your statement.  Your attorney will prepare you to answer questions based on your statement.  

All:  Study the comments here.  Add to materials on the pages within our wiki for the witness statements.