Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guest: Mrs. McMurray and Youth Court

Youth Court
types of case -- vandalism

More serious cases go to juvenile court

ages sent to youth court --

7 year old -- tobacco
9 and 11 -- had stolen money from their mother
8 year olds shoplifting

after 18 can't come to youth court anymore
after 18 only truancy and still in high school
Most from junior high

most common is truancy

Student volunteers -- 9th grade, second semester  and up
judge, bailiff,  prosecutor, clerk
come and observe then start out as bailiff to prosecutor(reads the case out loud), clerk, judge (usually panel of three)

Students can come twice -- after that they go to juvenile court
  goes on your record after that

Consequences --
community service -- must be done for a non-profit organization (library, etc.)
research -- tobacco case -- perhaps put up posters about dangers of tobacco
guidelines -- minimum/maximum service hours

prosecution reads police report
judge asks student to explain
Most common answer for vandalism -- "I just wasn't thinking."

Most cases tried individually -- but will sometimes deliberate more than one at once.
will hear both stories first


an opportunity for kids to teach other kids

Monica L
Joseph S
Cristine B
Jack H
Anthony J
Kenlee W
Alex P