Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Second Competition

Once again, I'm so proud of our team.  They did a great job.  This time we did not win by points, though it was close.  The judges selected Derrick Cain as best attorney and Rebecca Geertsen as best witness.  And we won the case.  All charges were dismissed against our defendant  Cris Robertson (Parker Shelby).   Thank goodness!  I'd also like to compliment our team for their  hard work, team spirit,  great sportsmanship,  civility, desire to learn and improve, and enthusiasm. 

This time our attorneys were
Alex Pearrow
Joseph Steed
Derrick Cain
Tony Jeffs

The students who played witnesses were
Parker Shelby
Annika Shunn
Rebecca Geertsen

Our bailiff was
Kenlee Woolstenhulme

And our alternate for this trial was
Sarah Ellison

We would also like to thank our  team members who were at the band festival yesterday, but had helped us build our case and prepare for this trial:
Erykah Cain
Cristine Busto
Monica Lish